National Sawdust

Thursday, May 21, 2020 8:00PM
Lovelace Studio Theater

National Sawdust
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The Wallis presents

National Sawdust @ The Wallis

Miranda Cuckson, violin
Katharina Rosenberger, composer
John Burnett, media artist

Beginning with folds, a half-hour multimedia work by composer Katharina Rosenberger and video designer John Burnett, this evening with violinist Miranda Cuckson explores memory, fragility and durability, old and new technologies, and the artistic creations of women. folds considers the physical and sonic properties of paper, its use over centuries to document and preserve music, and the ephemeral nature of music and sound. Recognizing that women’s compositions have been particularly lost to history, Katharina Rosenberger’s music for violin and electronics creates a dialogue with a work by 17th-century composer Barbara Strozzi, whose music has recently received a resurgence of interest. In folds, Miranda Cuckson plays both composers’ music and, along with several stagehands, activates a variety of amplified paper objects. Drawing a larger web among women composers from around the world, evocative recent compositions for violin by Rozalie Hirs, Liza Lim, and Aida Shirazi also convey delicacy and ephemerality but also a sense of far-off voyage and exploration.
folds by Katharina Rosenberger
article 4 [landkaartje - map butterfly] by Rozalie Hirs
Saniya by Aida Shirazi
The SuSong Star Map by Liza Lim