National Sawdust

Thursday, May 21, 2020 8:00PM
Lovelace Studio Theater

National Sawdust

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National Sawdust

The Wallis presents

National Sawdust @ The Wallis

Miranda Cuckson, violin
Katharina Rosenberger, composer
John Burnett, media artist

folds presents a sensory journey from the present to the past, engaging with the voices of other artists and bringing the ephemeral nature of sound and thought into dialogue with the tangible world. An array of paper objects — sculptures, manuscripts, scraps woven between the strings of the violin — highlights the importance of capturing the art and thought of past centuries. These traces of our physical world further serve as an impulse to reflect on our current dependency on the digital and virtual realms.

Rozalie Hirs: article 4 [map butterfly], (2004) Clara Ianotta: dead wasps in the jam-jar, (2015) Aida Shirazi: longing for a distant memory, (2018) Liza Lim: The Su Song Star Map, (2018)